How do I replace the SIM card in my Conserv gateway?

Conserv has several cellular partners that help us create reliable connections. Switching is simple!

A reliable cellular data connection can help ensure that your sensor readings always reach Conserv Cloud, even when your local network is down.

Not all cellular carriers provide the same service in all areas, so Conserv has partnered with several different companies to provide cellular data services.

If we need to switch you to a different provider to get more reliable service, we'll have to send you a new SIM card - let us know of this possibility by creating a support ticket.

Once you get your new SIM card, here's how to change it out!

1. Unplug the gateway from power and network connections.

2. Turn the gateway over, so the side with the serial number label is facing up.

3.  Remove the two screws that hold down the access panel on the back of the gateway.

4. Remove the access panel by sliding it slightly away from the gateway and lifting it off.

5. Remove the battery from the gateway by gently pulling on the battery connector.

6. Below the battery is the slot for the SIM card.  Push it in slightly and it should "click" and then eject.  

7.  Make a note of the orientation of the SIM card as you remove it.

8. Slide the new SIM card from Conserv into the SIM slot, and press it in.  It should "click" and stay inserted.

9.  Replace the battery

10. Replace the access panel cover

11.  Replace the access panel cover screws

12.  Plug the gateway back into power and network connections (if you use one.  If not, that's fine!).

Conserv support can confirm that the new SIM is working correctly.  Within a few minutes the gateway should be back online and happily relaying sensor data to Conserv Cloud.