Can I paint the sensor?

We'd prefer you didn't BUT we do have a paintable cover for purchase!

Many of our customers have asked about painting the sensors so that they blend well with the exhibit walls. The problem with painting the sensor itself is that the volatiles from the paint could interfere with the sensor calibration. Also, we recycle our sensors at the end of your subscription to send out to other customers so we'd prefer that they stay unpainted. 

HOWEVER, we do have 3D-printed paintable covers! You can purchase them directly here, or if you have a 3D printer, you can download the 3D model file here and print it yourself. When these arrive, please know that there may be some prep work involved to get them ready to print (sanding and priming). Also, we have found that the covers do interfere with light readings since they can block incidental light. If accurate light measurements are important to you, you may want to sand the surface of the cover down a bit more near the sensor opening so that it is close to flush with the surface of the sensor (to not block the light).