Learn more about Conserv Cloud software with a free online course

Whether you’re a brand new user or you just need a refresh, this course is for you

Conserv offers a free online course to go over how to use Conserv Cloud. This course will go over how to get started with the software. You can jump right in and look at your data in the "Get Started" section or go deeper into the analytics and features in "Advanced Setup" and "Advanced Analytics." We’ll go through the process of getting your account set up, step by step.

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to:

  • Log in and invite team members (unlimited users for free!)
  • Set up your locations and spaces for environmental and pest monitoring (IPM)
  • Create customized T/RH/light level targets for your spaces
  • Make observations on the mobile app
  • View and analyze your environmental data
  • Use built-in metrics to analyze your data
  • Create and share reports
  • Set up and track your IPM monitors
  • Identify pests with our MuseumPests.net database
  • View IPM analytics
  • Get support and share your feedback on the software

Whether you’re using the software for the first time, or you'd just like a review, this course is for you. This is a great way for new team members to get up to speed on the software, and a perfect time to ask your questions to the Conserv team.You can find the course here!