Getting to know the left navigation panel

There are a whole bunch of icons on the left navigation panel. Here's a key to what they all are:



The Sensors tab will take you to the list of Conserv sensors and gateways you own. There, you will be able to check all your sensor and gateway information in cards, hierarchy, or list form. Once there, you will be able to assign sensors to spaces and manage your devices.


The Pests tab will take you to our IPM management capabilities. In there, you will be able to manage all your pest monitor locations, create observations, identify pests, check your pest analytics, manage your custom pest lists, and check the database. Learn more about IPM here.


The Observe tab will show you a list of all the observations you have made either on the website or on your mobile app. It will tell you where the observation was made, when, and by whom. And if that person added an image, it will live there too. Learn how to create an observation here.


The Analyze tab is the main place where you will be able to see your main graphs. You can save views, download your environmental data, and check our different preservation metrics to help you out there. Learn more about Conserv Cloud analytics here.


The Reports section allows you to create different types of reports you might want to share with different colleagues. You can create Performance reports or Facility reports depending on what you need. Learn more about them here.


Similar to the Observe tab, the Events tab will show you a list. However, this list relates to the different alerts you may have set. Some of them might have to do with sensor movement, while some others might relate to fluctuations or spikes in your different environmental parameters. If you click each event, you will be able to see a small summary graph showing the event and some spaces where you can write notes and comments to help you and your colleagues figure out what the event was about and whether it has been solved yet or not.


At the bottom of the left navigation panel, there are three more buttons. The first one is the Store. This will direct you straight to your Subscription settings, where you will be able to see past invoices and documents related to your account with us.


The import button is where you want to go if you have data that you wish to upload from other non-Conserv sensors. This will be an important place if you are a free software user and have to manually upload your past data. If you wish to learn more about importing .csv files of environmental data, head over to the Import section of the Knowledge Base.


In the Setup button, you will be able to set up levels and events. In other words, this is where you create your set points and acceptable ranges for your different environmental parameters. This is also where you create the kinds of events that will trigger your real-time alerts. Learn more about setting up levels and events in our Knowledge Base.