Importing data: how-to and troubleshooting

With Conserv Cloud, you can bring in data from your other types of monitoring devices! Here are a few things to note when importing.

If you have data from your non-Conserv devices, you can use the import feature to bring that data into Conserv Cloud! Just click the icon in the lower left navigation that looks like a cloud, and it'll take you to the Import page.

Import Icon

Types of files you can import to Conserv:

1. PEM2 (.pm2, pre-mapped direct import)

2. HOBOWare (CSV, pre-mapped direct import)

3. Conserv CSV (CSV, pre-mapped direct import)

4. Generic delimited file (CSV / TSV)


If you're having trouble with importing, here are a few tips that may help:

1. Disable pop up blockers or whitelist the domain

We've seen a few instances now of customers attempting to upload a data file to Conserv, only to find that the upload fails, or that the Conserv application complains about a bad file when the upload is something simple like a CSV file.  In some cases, ad blocker or popup blockers have been the root cause of this behavior.  Handling specific ad or popup blocker products is beyond the scope of this article.  Please consult the instructions for your browser or security products for specific details on how to whitelist

2. Check the file size

Conserv has a limit of 50mb for data import files.  Depending on the specific file format, this can be millions of readings and should be enough for most use cases.  If you are trying to import more data than that, you can split the file into multiple parts.  If that doesn't work for you, contact Conserv support and we'll help you!

3. The mappings are completely wrong!

This can happen if the file being uploaded isn't something we can parse.  Unusual delimiters, multi-line rows and other errata can definitely cause issues.  The easiest way to ensure success is to move the data into the template that Conserv provides.  If that process is giving you trouble, please contact Conserv support and we'll happily lend a hand.