How can I setup new sensors to my existing Conserv monitoring system?

You just received new sensors - hooray! What is the best way to get these going?

Setup for new sensors is going to look pretty similar to how you set things up initially. Your new sensors and new gateways (if you have them) should already show up in your account dashboard. If they are not there, please let us know so we can add them for you. You can decide where these are going in the hierarchy page and rename them if you wish. The setup will vary depending on which sensor you're connecting:

Conserv Smart Collections Sensor (standard sensor)

You can set these up near a gateway (any connected gateway will do, but ideally the one it will ultimately be closest to) initially to ensure a connection. Just pull the plastic tab and watch the back of the sensor for a brief flashing blue light after about 15 seconds - this tells us that the sensor is waking up and connecting to the gateway. After the blue light has stopped flashing, you should see the data showing up in the dashboard for that sensor within 5 minutes. You can then place the sensor in its final location and check the range connectivity in the analytics view of the software by checking for gaps within the 15 minute aggregation view.

Freezer Sensor

We wrote up a short article to explain the setup for these here: How to setup your cold room/freezer sensor.

Outdoor RH/T Sensor

We wrote up a short article to explain the setup for these here: How do I activate my outdoor sensor model LHT65?

Leak Detection Sensor

These sensors are a bit different from the rest as they require access to an unreleased portion of the software. Please schedule a short call with us to help you with this: Schedule a Leak Detection Setup Call (15 minutes)


Of course, if you run into any issues do not hesitate to reach out!