I can't see my Conserv equipment on my dashboard

We try our best to make sure that by the time your Conserv equipment arrives, it is already showing up in your dashboard. If you find this is not the case, please read this article.

When your order gets shipped, we get a list of the serial numbers for all the equipment that got sent to you. We use this serial number to add the devices to your dashboard.

Sometimes, however, it is possible that the serial number gets lost, and we are unable to add your equipment before it arrives. In these cases, we will need a bit of your help!

  1. Please create a support ticket to let us know that you will need us to add your missing devices.
  2. In the support ticket, please send us the serial numbers for all your equipment. This is all we need to add them to your dashboard.

Finding serial numbers

Conserv sensors

Conserv Sensor SNThe serial number for all Conserv sensors can be found outside on the box, or on the back of your sensor. It will look more or less like this: C000181.



Your gateway's serial number can be found on the top left of the sticker on the back of the device. It will look more or less like this: 2217J0090.

Leak sensors

Leak sensor serial number

Leak sensors will have a serial number that starts with LWL. You will find this on the underside of your sensor.

Cold storage sensors

cold-sensor-serial-numberCold storage sensor serial numbers look similar to your gateway serial number. There will be four numbers, a letter, then four more numbers. You can find this serial on the sticker that says Tundra Sensor.

Outdoor sensors

Outdoor sensor serial number

Your outdoor sensor will display its serial number on the front, and it will start with LHT.