I am not getting email/text alerts

You signed up for things, but aren't getting the messages. What can you do to troubleshoot?

Check the event is being tracked

The first thing you need to make sure is that the event you expect to be getting notifications about is actually turned on. This sounds silly, but it happens to the best of us!

If you have several team members, there is always a chance someone may have turned something off accidentally, or turned tracking off temporarily and then forgot to turn it on again.

Head over to Setup > Events and check the Tracking column. Make sure the event you are interested on says Tracked and has the little purple ball slider over to the right.

Warning: When you stop tracking an event in the Events tab, this means the event will not trigger if its conditions are met.

The Event settings page is not a personal setting page.

Turning an event tracking off will turn it off for all your team mates as well.

If you wish to stop receiving event notifications for yourself, you will need to unsubscribe from the event, not turn off the tracking. See below for more information on subscribing.

Check you are subscribed to the event you are interested in

If you are sure the event is on, the next thing to check is that you are still subscribed to it. When there are many events in an account with many users, it's easy to get confused and think you are subscribed to an event when there is a chance you may not be. There is also the chance you may have been unsubscribed by accident. Check out this other article for instructions on how to subscribe yourself to events.

Note: You can subscribe or unsubscribe both yourself and your team mates from the Subscribers column. This will affect who gets the notifications for each different event.

Check your personal settings

Now that you know that your events are being tracked correctly and that you are subscribed to them, the next step is to check your personal notification settings.

Personal settings  can be accessed from the top right menu under your profile picture.

If you are already in the settings section but in the Team or Organization tabs, your Profile tab will be at the top of the left hand menu.

You can set your notification preferences under the Notifications and Alerts section. Read more about that here.

It is normal to believe you have certain settings only to realize you forgot you had changed them. Whether you are expecting to get emails, SMS texts, or both, it is worth checking your settings to make sure they match your memory! (It's happened to us...)

If you are set up for emails only

Beware the spam filter

All notification emails for both your Environmental Data for the Week summary email as well as event alerts will come from noreply@conserv.io.

Tip: Please make sure you safelist the email noreply@conserv.io to minimize the possibility that your institutional spam filters will delete emails before you get to see them. It is not uncommon for spam filters to delete emails without even sending them to the junk folder, so you could be missing it completely.

Did you unsubscribe from our emails?

We have had cases in the past where users unsubscribed from our emails using the button at the bottom of the Environmental Data for the Week email. This also unsubscribed them from the alerts. If you believe you may have accidentally unsubscribed yourself, please reach out to us as we will need your explicit consent to resubscribe you.

Suggestion: Spam filters are tricky things - especially with institutional emails - and emails coming from automated workflows such as the ones we have set up to send you real-time alerts can easily get filtered out and lost.

If you are particularly worried about receiving specific alerts, we recommend setting preferences to either SMS texts or Both. SMS texts are generally more reliable as they don't have to jump through filters and having Both settings will be a good redundancy to help keep you covered if delivery goes wrong somewhere.

If you are set up for texts only

If you are set up for SMS texts only, please make sure that your phone number is added in your profile and that the country code is included at the beginning. Conserv has customers in several countries, so the country code is essential for the texts to work.

Important: If you used to get texts but they have recently stopped getting them (April 2024), or you seem to have been switched to email only, this is probably because of recent regulation changes. Conserv is not allowed to send customers SMS texts without explicit consent.

In other words, if you did not go into your profile settings and re-save your notification settings for SMS options with the new Terms and Conditions, we will have had to switch you to emails only to comply with regulations.

All you need to do to fix this is go back in your personal profile settings, read and accept the updated terms, and save your preferences again.

Please note Conserv cannot change your personal preferences for you.

If you are set up for both emails and texts

Excellent! We like the redundancy of being set up for both because it makes it less likely that you will miss an alert. Please check the same issues that we have mentioned for the settings for both emails and texts to make sure everything is set up properly.

If you ever get one but not the other, and none of the solutions above seem to be the issue, reach out to us, and we'll be happy to investigate.

How to be sure it's working? Set up a movement test!

Once you have checked your Event setup, your subscriptions, your settings, your spam filters, your phone number country code, and you think everything should be working well, we recommend testing your alerts with a movement test!
  1. Set up a movement event just as you would any other event. Pick a sensor you have nearby or just set it to Everywhere.
  2. Subscribe all the people you want to test notifications for. Make sure they have all checked their potential issues as described above.
  3. Turn on the tracking for the event and give the sensor you picked (or any other Conserv smart sensor) a solid shake.
  4. The shake should immediately set off a movement alert which should send out a notification to every person subscribed in the format each person has requested.
  5. Once you are done with your movement test, you can turn it off. You definitely don't want to keep getting those alerts when you are finished!
Tips to help us help you faster

If you have done all of the above and your alerts issues have not been solved, or if you still have doubts and questions, please open a support ticket so we can help you out. When you do, here are some tips to help us troubleshoot you faster:

  1. Please use the support ticket form, not an email. Emails sent to specific team members or the old support address sometimes get lost in the inbox. You will get a faster response if you use the form.
  2. Tell us which steps in the troubleshooting above you have performed and what happened.
  3. Please confirm that the events you wanted the notifications for were Tracked and subscribed to.
  4. Make sure you tell us who got what and who didn't. If you suspect any person was unsubscribed from emails, let us know too.