How do you define "movement" events?

To make sure you aren't overwhelmed with movement alerts, Conserv calculates when movement starts and stops

Short answer: Conserv considers a movement event to end after 30 seconds of no movement being detected.

Movement events are a useful way to track if something unexpected happens to your sensors - for example, if they fall of the wall, or are moved from their current location, and so on.

Conserv's sensors are highly sensitive, sending data on movement when it occurs in a matter of seconds. As a result, we don't consider a movement event to end until 30 seconds of no movement being detected. This ensures that continuous movement (such as taking a sensor from one room to another) does not result in a flood of alerts.

Note: users of the beta version of Events and Alerts will be familiar with the term "shock". Shock and movement are the same construct. We updated the terminology to reflect the fact that the sensor will detect minor movements as well as more severe shocks.