How do I control where Conserv sends my alerts and notifications?

Notifications help you find small problems before they become big problems, here's how to make sure they land where you see them.

Conserv alerts currently support delivery via SMS or Email.  Notifications are sent to the mobile number set up in your profile, or the email address you used when you registered for Conserv.  Email notifications contain a bit more information, but both can let you know when something happens that you've told Conserv you want to know about.

To change your notification preferences, go to your user profile by clicking on the avatar icon in the top right corner of the application:

From there, select "Settings" to go to your profile.  

If you would like to receive notifications via SMS, make sure that your mobile number is filled out in your profile. 

Important: Since we serve collections worldwide, it is also important to include your country code.  For US and Canada users, this means your full phone number including the 1, such as 1-555-555-1212.

At the bottom of the profile page you can find an option to set your preferred delivery channel for notifications.  The default is email, but you can set it to SMS, or to send notifications to both channels:

Once you have set up your mobile number and configured notifications to your liking, just click "Save changes" and you're done!

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