Where does Conserv weather data come from?

Our mission is to support collections worldwide, and that means we need weather data from everywhere! Where does it come from?

Conserv customers consistently tell us that access to weather data in their analytics is important to them.  Showing weather and location sensor data on the same graph can help you understand how effective your building and systems are at controlling the indoor environment.  So, where does the data come from?

Conserv has partnered with a company called Weatherstack to provide that data.  Weatherstack is essentially an aggregator.  They collect data from services worldwide (such as NOAA and other national services), merge that data into a common model, and make it available via an API (a way for computer system to interact with each other).  When you request weather data through Conserv, we take the address information you provided about your location and use that to request historical and current conditions in your location.