What is the "Unknown" status for my gateway?

If you see the "unknown" status but the gateway and your sensors are still updating - do not fear!

We rely on our gateway vendor’s software to indicate if a gateway is online or not. Previously, there were two statuses for a gateway (connected or not connected).

Our gateway vendor’s API (data pipeline) has been experiencing some issues lately (November 2023) sending us the online status of a gateway (outside of our control).

Because of that, a lot of our customers reported that their gateways were showing as “not connected,” which was not the case.

We added a third gateway status of “unknown” to reflect these times when the API is not sending the message correctly.

Check out this image above. We have greyed out the name for the gateway, but this is a good example of a gateway which says Status: Unknown but is actually online. How do we know it's online?

If the gateway is still showing message updates (Like Last sensor reading sent X minutes ago) and the sensors are running, then there is no reason to be concerned. 

The next thing you can do check to make sure that your gateway is actually online is to open the drawer for it (See the image below). You can do this by clicking on your gateway card name.

You can see that the gateway still says Status: Unknown, but under the Sensors Connected section at the bottom, you will see a list of the sensors connected through that gateway in real time and a time stamp for when they last reported.

If you open your drawer card, and the Sensors Connected section is either empty, or if all the sensors under it look offline, then your gateway may actually be offline. In that case, please read this article on troubleshooting your gateway.

We are evaluating other ways to indicate if a gateway is online or not.

If any of your sensors are not updating regardless of what your gateway card shows, please create a support ticket, and we'll look into it for you!