I want to return my Conserv sensors but want to keep using the software.

If you need to return your Conserv equipment but still wish to access your data, you can still keep it in Conserv Cloud!

We will be sorry to see you go and hope you return in the future!

This doesn't mean you have to go completely.

We are committed to providing the Conserv Cloud platform for free to everyone regardless of whether they have devices with us or not.

Your Conserv Cloud account(s) will remain active even if you decide to return your equipment. You will simply lose the capabilities related to the Conserv sensors.

However, because we need to unlink the devices from your account, it will be best if you download your sensor data before the return.

You can then re-upload this historical data to the platform as if it had come from any other data logger so you can continue to view and analyze it there if you wish.

Please see these help articles on downloading and importing data.

If you decide to cancel your hardware subscription, please contact us so we can update your payment information and send you a return label for the equipment, which must be sent back to us within 30 calendar days.