My gateway cellular connection isn't working

There are a few reasons why a gateway cellular connection might not be working properly, here's what you can do.

Conserv's gateways with cellular data are designed to be reliable under many different types of operating conditions.  However, there are some things that can go wrong.  Let's dive into those:

Gateway placement

Like all cellular devices, Conserv's gateways with the cellular data option need to be able to connect to the network.  The first thing to check when a gateway won't connect or has lost its connection is the strength of the cellular signal.  If your mobile device can't connect or has a very poor signal (like in a basement) it's likely that the gateway will have similar problems.  If you can move it up a floor, or closer to an outside wall or window, that can resolve a lot of connection issues.

Gateway malfunction

It doesn't happen often, but we have seen some cases where the gateway gets itself into a state where it cannot reliably connect to the network.  In these cases, a simple "hard reset" of the gateway can restore connectivity.  The reset procedure is detailed in our general gateway troubleshooting article.

A loose SIM card

This is also something of a rarity, but a loose SIM card can also cause cellular connection issues.  This can happen in shipping, if the gateway is dropped or bounced around a lot, or just because of a defect in manufacturing tolerances.  To fix this issue, you can unplug the gateway and remove the back access panel.  Next, remove the backup battery and SIM card.  Take a small flat-blade screwdriver and insert it right ABOVE the SIM card slot and press down gently.  this will bend the metal top of the SIM card slot slightly downward, allowing it to exert a little more pressure on the SIM and ensure a good, solid electrical connection with the SIM.  Finally, remove the screwdriver, re-insert the SIM card and battery, replace the back cover and power the gateway back on.  Here's a picture of where to insert the screwdriver to push down the top of the SIM slot.

Mobile carrier coverage

Conserv has partnered with Twilio to provide our cellular data plans for most customers.  This usually means that your gateway will be on T-Mobile or one of their roaming partners.  For some customers, the T-Mobile coverage in their area is spotty or unreliable.  One way to check this is to use the T-Mobile coverage map.  This map can tell you if you are in an area where T-Mobile might be less than ideal.  If you are in an area with poor coverage from our primary carrier, the cell connection might be an issue.  However, there is good news!  Conserv has fallback options for you.  Please contact Conserv Support and we can get you an alternative SIM for your location.