Information Technology FAQ

Need help talking with your IT team about Conserv? IT probably has questions, we have answers.

Q:  Do I have to connect Conserv's gateways to my network?

A:  No, you don't!  An ethernet connection is available on the gateway, but it is not strictly required.  The gateway can communicate entirely over the LTE cellular connection.  For best results, place the gateway somewhere that has great mobile data coverage.

Q:  If I do want to connect the gateway to my network, what ports and protocols do I need to make available?  Does the gateway need inbound access through my firewall?

A:  We have a whole article about that.  The short version is that no, you don't need to enable any inbound access.  The gateway only needs outbound access on a couple ports.  The full article on this topic has all the details.

Q:  What sort of local servers will I need to host Conserv?  Specs?

A:  None!  Conserv is fully cloud based, delivered as a software service.  Easy, right?

Q;  Who owns the data that comes into Conserv?

A:  Your data is yours!  We may access it with your consent to help with troubleshooting and support.  If you want a copy of something you can probably get that through Conserv data export, or open a support case if the export doesn't have what you need.

Q:  Where does my data live?

A:  Conserv is a pretty avid fan of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  All customer data resides in multiple AWS data centers for redundancy and data protection.

Q:  Is my data encrypted?

A:  Yes.  AWS encryption at rest uses AES256.  All messages from the sensors are also encrypted using AES128, and are not decrypted until they reach Conserv's cloud infrastructure.

Q:  Can you integrate with system XYZ?

A:  Integrations are a tricky subject, and it all depends on what type of integration you are looking for.  Custom integrations to Conserv's API are available for larger customers.

Q:  We require a vendor security assessment before we can use your tools, can you help us with that?

A:  Yes!  Many times those assessments ask about operating systems, databases, patch levels and other internal details that change frequently, so we don't publish all of that information here.  If you have a security assessment that needs to be completed before you can deploy Conserv in your organization, please contact and we'll work together to get it filled out.

Q:  Do you store my payment data in Conserv?

A:  No, we do not.  We use trusted third party providers to handle all payment information.  Card details, etc are never stored in Conserv systems.

Q:  Does Conserv require a desktop app or anything else installed on our computers?

A:  No!  Conserv is a fully web based application, no install or special permissions required.  We do have a (pretty great) mobile app, but it isn't required to use the system.

Q:  A mobile app?  What mobile devices do you support?

We support both Android and iOS platforms with full feature parity between the two.  The app is designed to work well even on older devices.   We test back to the iPhone 8, and the past several Android OS versions.