Import Data from HOBO UX & HOBOware

Keep your HOBO UX data loggers and use Conserv's free environmental monitoring software — Here's how.


Collections are getting much better results switching from HOBOware to Conserv's free environmental monitoring software.

Short story, you can keep your HOBOs and use a software platform designed for preservation.

In this article we'll review how to import HOBO data from HOBOware into Conserv.

💡 If you're importing many files at once, make sure to ask about our multi-file import feature. You can import up to 20 HOBO files at once with just a few button clicks.


Exporting Data from HOBOware

Onset has developed a proprietary file format called .hobo that has to be converted to a csv file before it can be imported into Conserv.

It's only a few button clicks to export your historical data from HOBOware as a csv.

  1. Open HOBOware,  open a data file, and click the "Export Table Data" button
  2. On the pop-up menu, click the "Export" button to create a csv file.


💻 Here's what the "Data Export" screen looks like in HOBOware.

HOBOware Export


Once you have the HOBO csv you can proceed to importing the data into Conserv.

💾 Download the sample HOBO export


⚠️ Because HOBOware is something you install on your computer, there are lots of different versions of HOBOware out there. For this article, we're using Version 3.7.23. You can download the most recent version of HOBOware here,

⚠️ The exported file will be named based on the Data File name in HOBOware. It's a good idea to change this name to something meaningful before, or after, you export.


Importing HOBO Data into Conserv

We've designed Conserv so that you can directly import HOBO csv files with no hassle. Once you've got a csv file, here's how you import it to Conserv.

  1. Login into Conserv Cloud and navigate to the "Import Data" area
  2. Click on the "Start New Import" button.
  3. Select "Onset" as your sensor type
  4. Continue through the import process


💻 Here's what the "Import Data" screen looks like in Conserv

Importing Data from HOBOware


⚠️ Our goal is to have a completely hassle-free import process, but if you're having issues please reference our knowledge base article "Common Challenges with Conserv Data Import".

Create a Support Ticket

Hopefully this article solves your import problem, but if you're having import issues and feel like you need more support just let us know by creating a support ticket here.