How to do a hard reset for a sensor

If your sensor isn't reading and you've tried a normal reset with the button and the blue light isn't flashing.

When you might want to do a hard reset

How to hard reset your Conserv sensor

If your sensor has stopped reading and it's not a range issue or a gateway connectivity issue (if you have questions about this please ask first), you might want to try a normal "reset" first with the button on the back. If you've tried that and are not seeing a blue light flashing then there is an option to try a hard reset of the sensor. This is a last resort option and we encourage you to reach out to us first if you haven't already since it may interfere with backed-up data on the sensor!

  1. Unscrew the backplate of the sensor.
  2. You'll see two batteries. Please see the important note below about battery orientation.
  3. Lift both batteries out far enough to break contact with the electric node for at least a few seconds.
  4. Replace the batteries. Make sure you do this in the correct orientation.
  5. If the blue light flashes from the back of the sensor within 30 seconds, go ahead and replace the back plate (be very careful not to pinch any cables when re-assembling).

IMPORTANT: Battery orientation will depend on the version of your sensor.

  • If you have a v.1 or v.2 sensor, both batteries should face the same direction, just like they came out.
  • If you have a v.3 sensor, the batteries will go in opposite directions as you can normally expect in some other items like toys or remote controls.
If you have tried both a soft and hard reset, and still don't get the blue flashing light, or if you do but the sensor is still not reporting - please send us a support ticket! (probably not a bad idea to screw the back on to keep the components safe in the meanwhile).