Assigning level profiles for your collection

Setting appropriate levels for your collection is fundamental to improving your collection environment over time. We make it easy to set different levels for each of your unique spaces.

Conserv cloud is a free, cloud-based environmental monitoring tool. You can create an account at

From a preservation standpoint, it’s good practice to ensure that your spaces stay within certain parameters (not too humid, not too dry, not too many fluctuations). Of course a lot of these factors depend on what collection materials you’re trying to preserve, where you are in the world, and what your building is capable of doing. 

Conserv Cloud allows you to define “levels,” which are our environmental parameters or as we like to call them, “goal posts,” for where you’d ideally like the environment to be.

If you have areas in your collection that are more sensitive than others, you may not want their level profiles to be the same as your less-sensitive areas. With Conserv Cloud, you can create as many level profiles as you need and assign them to each space as necessary for your collection. Check it out at

To create a new level profile

Click the white gear icon at the bottom of your left purple navigation bar. This will take you to the levels page, where you can create/edit your level profiles.

If it's your first time visiting this page, you'll notice there is a "Conserv Default" profile, which shows our recommendations pulled from professional sources. You can edit this profile if you'd like, or you can create a new one.

To edit the Conserv Default level profile

Simply click the profile name. The editing drawer will appear from the right side of the page, and you can edit the level profile as you'd like. Be aware that this level profile is automatically assigned to all of your locations and spaces until you change them!

To create a new level profile

Click the purple "NEW LEVEL" button on the top right of the page, and you'll be shown a list of templates to choose from. There are six pre-made templates listed here that were created based on expert recommendations: Sustainable Control, Tight Control, Cool Storage, Cold Storage, and the Conserv Default. If you have made any other profiles before, they will show up here too.

Note: The Sustainable Control is a preset that uses the very flexible Bizot Green document (Sep 2023). Please note this is a wide range that is appropriate for collections that are not especially sensitive. "More sensitive objects will require specific and tighter RH control, depending on the materials, condition, and history of the work of art."

Once you've selected your preferred template, the new level drawer will appear on the right side of the page. You'll be asked to name your new profile, give it a description, and then set all of your ranges to your desired levels.

To assign level profiles to spaces or locations

You'll need to first head into your "Sensors" page by clicking the top icon in your left navigation panel.

Then, find the space or location to which you want to assign the level profile. Click the name of that space or location and use the dropdown menu in the editing drawer to pick the level profile you'd like to assign.

Note: Level profiles cannot be assigned on a sensor-per-sensor basis. Trying to edit level profiles from a sensor settings drawer will not work.

Tip: We recommend changing level profiles from the Hierarchy view rather than the Cards or List view. This is because the profile chosen for a Location or Space will affect every single sensor inside that location or space. Editing from the Hierarchy view will allow you to make sure you are applying the correct level profiles to the correct areas.

To view your Level Profile History

Click the name of any level profile, and the level editing drawer will appear on the right side of the page. At the top, you'll see a tab that says "History." Click that tab, and you'll be shown a complete history of all the updates that have been made to that level profile.