How often is my sensor taking a reading?

Battery life depends on how much activity is required of your sensor. Here are some handy tables to help you.

Sensor Reading frequency Battery life at this reading frequency Battery type and amount
Conserv smart sensor 15 mins ~ 4 years Two 3.6V AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Tektelic Tundra cold sensor

60 mins - from factory

15 mins - Conserv will change to this once you bring the sensor online.

~ 15 years

~3.75 years


One 3.6V C-cell Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Dragino Outdoor sensor 20 mins - from factory ~ 7.5 years Built-in Manganese dioxide lithium battery - Not replaceable.
Dragino Leak sensor

24 hours - from factory

90 mins - Conserv will change to this once you bring the sensor online.

~ 10 years

~3 years


Two regular 1.5V AAA alkaline

Important: The leak sensor is not taking readings like the other sensors. It only "checks in" with the network at the established frequency to confirm that it is online. It will send out an immediate alert if it gets wet regardless of the frequency it is set to.

Please note the following important points regarding batteries in your sensors:

  • Conserv smart sensors use special 3.6-volt lithium thionyl chloride batteries. While they may be AA size, regular alkaline AA batteries (like Duracell or Energizer) will not work as replacements because those regular batteries only have 1.5 volts in them, which will not be enough to power your sensor.
  • If your sensor should run out of batteries before your subscription is due to renew, we will happily replace them for you (Send us a support ticket with your request). That said, in the case of the leak sensor, you may actually want to do it yourself as it will be faster to buy your own regular AAA batteries at your local store than to wait for us to ship some to you. 
  • The Conserv smart sensor, the Tektelic Tundra sensor and the Dragino leak sensor may be safely opened should changing batteries become necessary. This is not the case for the Dragino Outdoor sensor. Please do not attempt to open it as the lithium battery inside it is not replaceable.
  • The Tektelic Tundra cold sensor is set from factory to take readings once an hour while the Dragino leak sensor is set from factory to check in once every 24 hours. Once you activate your cold and leak sensors, let us know so that we can send it the little programming code snippet to change their reading and check-in frequencies.


The batteries in our sensors are not rechargeable and attempting to do so is extremely dangerous.