How do I set up my Leak Detection Sensor from Conserv?

Setting up a Conserv leak sensor is simple Here's how!

When you receive you Conserv leak detection sensor, the first thing to do is open the box and make sure the kit includes everything you need to get started.  Included in the kit you will find:

  • One Conserv leak sensor with probe
  • Two AAA batteries to power the sensor
  • One 3M adhesive patch for mounting the sensor and probe
  • A label containing the device IDs and keys.

Important: Please hold onto the labels containing the keys and IDs until all of your leak sensors are confirmed to be working.  Conserv support will need that information to assist in any troubleshooting.

Like all Conserv products, by the time you receive your leak sensors, they will already be set up in your account.  Take a look at the label on the side of the sensor to figure out which one it is, by looking at the serial number. It is the code next to SN right above the "Made in China" line. It will start with LWL and be followed by 8 numbers.

Once you know which device you are setting up, the next step is to install the batteries.  First, turn the sensor over so you are looking at the back of the device:

Next, slide the back panel to the right, in the "unlock" direction:

Remove the back panel, and insert the batteries:

As soon as the batteries are inserted, the light on the front of the device will flash, and it will automatically start up and join the Conserv network.

Just because your leak sensor is now online does not immediately mean you will get leak alerts.
Leak events are set up just like any other event and notification in Conserv.  You can follow the instructions here to set up leak detection events.

Once you have your leak event set up, we need to test it!  The leak probe works by detecting moisture between the two "pins" on the probe.  You can test this by dipping the probe into a dish of water, pressing it into the palm or your hand, or placing a piece of conductive metal across the two pins:

Once set up, the sensor will regularly message the Conserv network so that we know it is online, and to report its battery level.

Leak sensors come with a 24h frequency check-period from factory. This means that once they come online, they will next check-in with the network in 24 hours. To give you a sense of security, we send a snippet code to ask your sensor to check in more often - every 90 mins. If your leak sensor is not reporting every 90 mins, send us a support ticket requesting the change, and we will fix that for you.


The first time we change the setting, you will need to wait until the leak sensor next checks in for the changes to take effect.

The last step is to actually install your leak sensor.  It's best to mount the sensor on a wall or cabinet, in a location where the body of the sensor is off the floor and in a place where it isn't likely to get wet.

The probe should be positioned where you would like to monitor for leaks.

Placement tip:

Note that the probe is very sensitive.  If the probes are touching a damp floor (even without standing water) it can trigger an alert.  Positioning the probes so they sit just above the surface will prevent these false positives from occurring.

And that's it!  Your Conserv leak sensor is now set up and ready!

Still have some issues? Create a support ticket here and we will assist you!


Dragino LWL02 Data sheet

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