I would like to suggest a feature!

Conserv is committed to developing a product with direct feedback from the people who use it. So where can you suggest or request a feature?

You may have seen it sprinkled around our articles, but here it is too!

Did you know we have an Ideas Portal?


We are grateful to all of our users and customers who have reached out to us with ideas and suggestions. This is the best place for them to live.

In our Ideas Portal, you can add new suggestions for features you really want to see, or you can vote for features other people have suggested. If you really, really want a feature, get as many people as you can to vote on it! This kind of feedback allows us to prioritize those features and changes which our users and customers would like to see most.

Did you know we are also constantly running focus groups and feedback sessions with our engineering and design team? Head over to the Engineering channel in our Community to talk directly to our product team and sign up for focus groups.