Can I see my weather data in Conserv?

Seeing your weather data helps you understand the relationship between indoor and outdoor conditions.

Understanding the relevance of the building envelope is very important in creating a great collection environment. Sometimes outdoor conditions can have a serious impact on what's happening indoors, especially in regards to relative humidity. 

That's why we've included the ability to show your particular weather data on the analytics graphs! If you've entered the addresses for your locations, Conserv Cloud will have the ability to draw your specific weather data from the National Weather Service and implement it on your graphs. This feature is only applicable to a single reading, so it can only be accessed through the "Singe Reading" and "Compare Sensors" headings. Here's how it works:

On the Analytics page, in the left column, select the dropdown menu "Additional" (Fig. 1). Several checkbox options will appear. Scroll down until you see "Show Weather Data" (Fig. 2) and click the box.

(Fig. 1)                                                                                  (Fig. 2)

Analytics Additional NUI 1       Analytics Show Weather NUI


Once selected, your weather data will show as a dotted line on your graph:

Show Weather Graph NUI

If you're still unable to see any weather data, or you're unable to select the "Show Weather" checkbox, you may need to check if you've entered the addresses for your locations. You can update that by heading to the "Sensors" page and clicking the name of the location you'd like to update. Enter the address information, and it will save as soon as you close that editor.

Important tip: Weather data is only available from our providers as daily or hourly averages. If you want to see weather data alongside your sensor readings, please make sure you are looking at readings aggregated hourly or daily.