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How do I share reports with people inside and outside my organization?

Environmental data tells a story about your collection that you often need to share with a range of stakeholders. We have two great options.

As of June 2020 we've launched a new analytics experience based on hundreds of pieces of feedback from the collections community. https://app.conserv.io/analytics

Link Sharing

It's pretty common that you're looking at a graph and you notice something worth sharing with facilities or a collections colleague. The link sharing experience allows to create a shareable url that you can email to a colleague. When she receives and click on the link, she's taken to the exact same graph that you shared.


^^ This is the share a link button. Look to the top right of the new graph experience and find the sharing button. Click on it and you're ready to go.

Link sharing only works with people that have access to your Conserv account. If a colleague needs an account, you can invite them here - https://app.conserv.io/settings.

Export to PDF

PDF is a great way to share data with all kinds of users. You have the option to customize what you want to see on your report.

Data Summary. Shows the sensors, readings, and time ranges present in the data.

Graph. A visual summary of the data - basically whatever graph you were looking at when you clicked on the PDF button.

Observations. Any observations that correspond to the sensor, reading types and dates on the graph.

Data Table. A detailed list of all of every reading present in the graph. This list will include min/max if you've chosen min/max to display on the graph.


^^ This is the create a PDF button. Look to the top right of the new graph experience and find the PDF button. Click on it and you're ready to go.

You can provide product feedback directly to the Conserv team. Whether it's an improvement on an existing feature or a suggestion for a totally new feature, we want to hear from you. https://portal.productboard.com/conserv/1-product-portal/tabs/2-ideas