SCS-3 Smart Collection Sensor Technical Specifications

Specifications for Conserv's SCS-3 Sensor

Conserv's SCS-3 Smart Collection Sensor is designed specifically for collection care use cases.  It measures temperature, humidity, visible light levels, and movement. We use the Sensirion SHT-45 sensor.

⚠️ Note: this article is for the SCS-3 sensor. The sensor's version can be identified by the label on the back of your sensor. For the technical specifications for SCS-1, click here. ⚠️

Safe handling instructions

As Conserv manages your subscription and your data is automatically transmitted to the Conserv platform, you should not need to interact with your sensor after initial setup.

In rare instances, you may need to replace the batteries in the device. In these instances, only use batteries provided by Conserv. Make sure to follow the symbols marked on the enclosure to properly insert the batteries in the correct orientation.

After three years, Conserv will replace your sensors as part of your subscription. We will ask you to return your old sensors to us so we can refurbish them or dispose of them safely.

Physical Specifications

Size 3" W x 3" L x 1" H
Mounting Mounts with magnets or command strips
Notes Vertical mounting is recommended to minimize dust accumulation on sensing elements




Primary Temperature Sensor Specifications

Temperature Range Operating: –40°C to 85°C
Functional: –40°C to 125°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1°C (typical), ±0.3°C (maximum)
Repeatability  ±0.04°C
Response Time 2 sec

Relative Humidity Specifications

RH Range  0% to 100% (non-condensing)
RH Accuracy  ±1% (typical), ±2% (maximum)
RH Repeatability  ±0.08%
Hysteresis  ±0.8%
Response Time  4 sec
Long Term Drift  less than ±0.2% / Year


Warning: While the sensor may be both operational and functional at very low (freezing) temperatures, please be aware that this sensor is not waterproof and it has not been designed to withstand condensation. Condensation caused by taking the sensor in and out of freezing conditions may damage the internal components. If you wish to use a sensor designed for freezer conditions, we suggest you look into our cold sensor instead.

Visible Light Specifications

Resolution < 100 mlx
Maximum Dynamic Range 64 klx

Movement Specifications

Measurement Type Threshold based alerting
Axis 3 axis (X,Y,Z)
Bias Calibration Automatic on startup

Network Specifications

Network Type LoRaWAN 1.0.2
Encryption AES128
Maximum Output Power 28mW
Operating Frequency  US ISM 915mhz
Operating voltage 7.2v

Battery Specifications

Battery type

LiSOC2 Lithium, AA size

Typical Battery Life

36-48 months

Battery voltage 7.2v
Average sleep power consumption 10uA
Configuration mode power consumption 8mA
Average transmission power consumption 2.5mA