How to rename a sensor

If you'd like to change the name of your sensors, follow these simple steps.

Once you have logged in, you should automatically be taken to your Sensors page. To change the name of a sensor, simply click the current sensor name.

You can edit the name of a sensor in each of the three sensor views.

A drawer will appear from the right side of the page listing all of the relevant information about your sensor. You can now edit the name of the sensor in the first line of this window. 


Important tip: Unless you are only changing sensor names, we recommend changing names of spaces and locations in the Hierarchy view and NOT in the Card view.

This is because Space and Location names will affect all the sensors inside those areas. Making these kinds of changes is best in the Hierarchy view where you can get a full picture of what you are changing and what it's affecting.

If you try to change space and location names in the card view, you may notice that they will change automatically for every sensor within that space. If there is a sensor which should not be in the space name you just changed, this will flag the fact that your sensor may be in the wrong place in your hierarchy.

Read this article on Understanding hierarchies for more information.