What should I do if I need to relocate my Conserv monitoring system?

Thinking about moving your gateway or sensors to another site? Go for it! Here are some tips to pay attention to.

If you're planning to change the location of your gateway and/or sensors, follow these steps to make sure everything reconnects properly.


1. Moving a gateway within the same location

If you'd like to try and get a better gateway signal by relocating the gateway in a single location, simply unplug your gateway from its power source and/or network cable and plug it in at its new location. At this stage you may need to evaluate the connectivity of the gateway by looking at your "sensor" dashboard in the app and verifying the signal strength (or connectivity if you're using ethernet). Once the gateway is online the sensors should automatically reconnect with the gateway within 15 minutes if they're within range (if you give the sensors a little shake they may reconnect sooner).


2. Moving a gateway and sensors to an entirely different location

If you're moving your entire Conserv system to a new location (sensors and gateway) you may want to record an "observation" about the move for all of the impacted sensors. Once you're in your new location, plug in the gateway first and wait until you see the blinking green light. Once the gateway is online in the app, the sensors should automatically reconnect with the gateway within 15 minutes (if you give the sensor a little shake it may reconnect sooner).


A note about how the sensors operate:

When a sensor is activated (tab is pulled or sensor is reset), it will send a bunch of messages for a few minutes to try to establish a connection with a gateway. If it doesn't connect during that time it will return to "sleep" mode. If it ever initiates that first connection, it will start sending readings every 15 minutes (or 2 hours for leak sensors) continuously regardless of whether a gateway is collecting the data. If you move a gateway and the sensors are still in range they should automatically reconnect. If you try to reset the sensor when it's out of range and it doesn't establish the initial connection, you may need to try resetting it again closer to the gateway.