What should I do if I need to relocate my Conserv monitoring system?

Thinking about moving your gateway or sensors to another site? Go for it! Just please let us know so we can pause your sensors.

If you're planning to change the location of your gateway and/or sensors, follow these steps to make sure everything reconnects properly.


1. Moving a gateway within the same location

If you'd like to try and get a better gateway signal by relocating the gateway in a single location, simply unplug your gateway from its power source and/or network cable and plug it in at its new location. We highly recommend that you let us know you're moving the gateway, so we can help you determine whether or not the signal is stronger in the new spot.


2. Moving a gateway and sensors to an entirely different location

If you're moving your entire Conserv system to a new location (sensors and gateway), you'll need to contact us so we can pause your sensors until they're installed in their new location. Once your gateway is out of range, the sensors will continue to search for the signal until their batteries run out. If we're contacted on the day of the move, we can pause your sensors remotely so they won't run out of power.

Once you're in your new location, plug in the gateway first and wait until you see the blinking green light. Then deploy your sensors, and perform a sensor reset when they're in their new spaces. Here's how to do a sensor reset: How to reset a sensor


For the future, we're planning to include a feature within Conserv Cloud where you can pause your sensors and check on your gateway signal without letting our team know. It's in the works, stay tuned! 😎