Product Releases, January 25, 2021

Here's what's new in the Conserv platform:

Check out all of these features by logging in or creating a free account with Conserv Cloud at

📈 Feature Improvements:

  1. Importing - The team has been hard at work finding all of the minutia around import file formats! Improvements for this release involve better computing for CSV files (especially from Testo and HOBOware), and distinguishing sensor serial numbers from column headers in .pm2 files.

    So gather up those HOBO files and head to the Imports page in Conserv Cloud to check it out!

We've got a bunch of tips and tricks to help with importing in this article: Importing Data: How-to and Troubleshooting


🐞Bug Fixes:

  1. Better error handling for data imports - There are now fixes in place to further prepare files for importing. These include the removal of blank lines/rows, not allowing for the inclusion of future dates/times, more consistent column comparisons, and more.
  2. X-Axis changing to hourly on tight zooms - When zooming into a tight window on a graph, the X-axis will now change its label from daily to hourly when applicable.
  3. Filtering out inactive sensors from Analytics options - If you're using the Analytics icon on the left navigation panel to head to the Analytics page, the graph will default to the first sensor on your Sensors page, sorted alphabetically. This list will now filter out your inactive sensors so they will no longer appear as an option.
  4. Improvements to hierarchy and list views - In some instances, closing and reopening the rows in the hierarchy view was causing some browser issues. Those are now resolved.
  5. Accurate “Last Updated” time after merging imported sensors - After a successful import, the "last updated" time will now reflect the time given in the imported file.
  6. Formatting improvements for icons - Icons will now scale appropriately.
  7. Fixed password reset button - The reset link is now fixed and will take the user back to their home screen when resetting a password from the Settings menu.