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Can I refer someone to Conserv for credit?

We love when you share what we're doing! Learn more about our Preservation Partner Program.

The mission of Conserv is to lead the advancement of technology that protects cultural heritage. Any institution, company, or individual that helps us on that mission should be rewarded.
The Preservation Partner program is not your typical referral program, you choose the reward that is the best fit. Learn more below and contact our team to enroll using the form on this page.

Preservation Partner rewards

The concept is simple – for every collection that you refer to us and help us protect with the Conserv Platform – you choose the reward that is best the fit.

  1. Conserv Platform: Anyone of your choosing can receive an implementation of the Conserv Platform (both devices and software). You can even give it back to the institution you referred to us.
  2. Conservation charities: We will make an annual donation to a cultural heritage charity in your name. If you are a non-profit or charitable institution, we can of course donate the proceeds back to you.
  3. Standard payment: You can receive your reward in good old-fashioned dollars as well.

Rewards are equal to an on-going 10% commission on the annual revenue of every customer you refer.

Thanks in advance for referring us to anyone you think would benefit from using Conserv!