Readings - How Often is Enough?

How frequently should I take readings from my sensors?

This question comes up a lot, since we know that how often a reading is taken and (especially) transmitted is the single biggest factor when calculating battery life.  Different loggers behave differently.  Some take a reading every 5 minutes, average that across 6 readings, and record a reading every 30 minutes.  Others take a point in time reading and transmit it.

Both approaches have benefits and drawbacks.  If you need a fast response to changing conditions, then a more frequent reading interval may be appropriate.  If the sensor is installed in a very stable space and your goals are more focused on long term trends, a longer reading interval may be fine.  By default, Conserv sensors send a message every 15 minutes.

In general, an interval between 10 and 30 minutes is recommended for collections environments regardless of the type of logger you use.