Setting up a new Sensor in Conserv Cloud

Whether you're setting up a new Conserv wireless sensor or you're importing historical data from a HOBO or PEM2, you'll need to set up a new sensor in Conserv Cloud.

To create a new sensor in your hierarchy in Conserv Cloud, you'll first need to head to your Sensors page by clicking the top icon in your left navigation panel.

Sensors Icon

Once you're on the Sensors page, you can create a new sensor by hovering your mouse over the blue button in the bottom left corner, and selecting "Add a Sensor."

Add New Sensor

This will bring up your Sensors editor on the right side of the page. Here is where you'll add all of the important details about your new sensor! We'll walk you through each line item below:

New Sensor Drawer

1. Sensor Name - This is where you'll give your new sensor a unique name.

2. Space - You can assign your new sensor to a space using this dropdown menu. If you want to add this sensor to a new space that's not yet in your hierarchy, you'll need to create that space before you're able to assign the new sensor to it.

3. Description - Add a description for your sensor here. This could be written directions for where the sensor is placed, it could be a message regarding upload frequency; it's up to you to decide how to use this.

4. Serial Number - This is where you can enter the serial number for a particular sensor. This is especially helpful if you're managing a fleet sensors. If you have Conserv wireless sensors, this line will already be filled in with the assigned serial number.

5. Manufacturer - If you've got different types of sensors from different manufacturers, you might find it useful to note that here.

6. Last Calibration Date - This is a space to denote when your sensor was last calibrated. If you have Conserv wireless sensors, this line will already be filled in with the correct date of calibration.

Please do not change the serial number or calibration date of a Conserv sensor - we need that information on our end!


When you're creating a new sensor, you can't add a photo. To add a photo, you'll first have to save your new sensor by closing the drawer. Then click the new sensor's name to bring up its new drawer where you can add a photo.