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How to get help or contact us

Do you need to contact us? Here is the recommended way!

The best way to contact us

Whether you need help with your subscription, sensors, contract, billing, are interested in buying, or anything else, the best way to contact us is through our support form. This form has a number of fields for you to fill in which will give us the most information to be able to help you.

Especially in cases where you need help with your equipment, this form will ask you to give us the identifying numbers on the devices so that we can immediately start troubleshooting as soon as we see your request.

While we are a small team, we are committed to getting back to our customers by the end of the next business day of their inquiry, so you can be sure you will get a prompt reply. Most of the time, we are able to answer within a few minutes to a few hours.

Other slower ways: The support email

In the past, we used to direct people to send emails to the support account. While this still works and sending us an email to support will automatically create a support ticket for you, which we will see immediately, emails do not have the structured questions that we have put into our support form. This means that there is a chance we will not have all the information we need to start helping you immediately, and it will take us longer to sort your problem as we ask for more information or take the time to look it up in the system.

Other slower ways: Emailing a team member

If you have been used to corresponding with a particular team member, you may certainly email them directly again. However, many of our team members receive several dozen emails a day, if not more. There is always a chance your email may slip through the cracks.

The other potential issue is that since you are emailing a particular inbox, if that specific person happens to be out, the rest of the team will not know you have emailed.

If you need urgent assistance, the best way is to send a support ticket through the form as this form is visible to the whole team, and everyone will be able to see your message and respond.

Okay, so where is this support form?

There are several places that will lead you to the support form.

From the main website

If you are at the main conserv.io website, scroll all the way to the bottom purple footer. Under the Resources section, right above the social media icons, you will see the Help Center.

From the Help Center

Once you are in the Help Center, you can find the Contact Us button in two places: at the top right, and at the bottom right of the page.

Top right Contact Us button:

At the bottom of the Help Center pages:

From the Conserv Cloud browser

If you are logged into your Conserv Cloud account, head over to your profile photo on the top right. When you click on it, click on the HELP button. This will take you directly to the support form.

From your Conserv mobile app

There is currently no button to the support form from the mobile app, but we will be adding that in the future.