How to extend the battery backup on Conserv Gateways

Conserv's gateway ships with a backup battery, but if you are experiencing extended power outages it might not be enough.

Conserv's sensor gateway ships with a built in backup battery that is good for about 4-5 hours of operation.  Most of the time this is enough, but some customers might need more.  For example, if your facility is undergoing construction, or you are located in an area that experiences frequent strong storms, you may experience outages that last longer than the battery can supply.

The good news is that this is a common problem in the IT world, and there are plenty of solutions!  The simplest one is to use a 12VDC power supply with battery backup to power the gateway.  These are often sold as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for network routers, camera systems, etc.  UPS power supplies of this type are sold with a mAh rating.  This stands for milliamp hours.   Here's how to figure out how long a UPS will last with a Conserv Gateway attached.

The Conserv gateway is manufacturer rated to consume less than 7W at 12VDC.  This means that it will draw less than 0.6A (amps), or 600mA(milliamps).  To figure out how long a specific model of battery backup will last with a Conserv gateway, divide its mAh rating by 600.  This will give you the number of hours that it will last.

For example, if we have a 10000mAh battery backup, divide 10000 / 600, or 100 / 6.  The result is 16.7, so we could expect that battery backup to be able to power the gateway for around 16 hours.  

Of course, once the external battery backup is depleted, the gateway will switch over to its internal backup, which is good for another four hours.

If you are one of those customers that experiences extended outages, a UPS is definitely the way to go!