How Do I Activate My Outdoor Sensor (Model LHT65)

Different sensors can have different activation processes, but we can still make it easy!

One of the biggest benefits of Conserv using an open standard like LoRaWAN for our sensors is that we have a huge ecosystem of devices to choose from. Conserv makes our own sensor that is tailored for the needs of collection professionals in their spaces, but for other use cases we curate a set of devices that we have tested and found to be up to our standards.

What's in the box?

When you receive your LHT65 outdoor sensor, you'll see that the box contains the sensor itself, along with a few cables.  One of these cables is a remote temperature probe, the other is a programming cable.  We do not yet support the external probe or user programming the device, so you can set both aside for now. 


Right above the QR code on the device is a light that indicates the status of the device.  To activate it, look at the bottom of the device for a button marked "ACT", as shown here:


To activate the device, press and hold the "ACT" button for about 3 seconds.  You'll know it is activated when the light on the front quickly blinks green five times.

And that's it!  Your outdoor sensor should begin reporting data up to Conserv Cloud. If you are still having issues, we are happy to assist! Please create a support ticket.

Mounting the device

The device should be mounted somewhere that is somewhat protected from the elements.  That is, not in direct sunlight or where it will get rained on, as both can cause inconsistencies in the readings.  Tucked under the eaves of a building, or in an outdoor hallway or breezeway are ideal locations.