Flickering cards or glitching software

My software has suddenly started glitching. Views are blinking on and off or loading forever.

Some customers have reported "bugs" that make the software look like its flickering in and out of existence. This may happen in the Analyze tab or in the Sensors tab card view. If you notice this happening, please try two potential solutions.

Clear your browser cache

Clearing the browser cache is an excellent first thing to try whenever you run into odd software problems. Odd glitches may be caused by snippets of code that get stuck in the memory of your browser and affect how things are displayed.
Sometimes just clearing up the browser helps with these kinds of bugs.


When clearing your browser cache, it is likely the browser will ask you what to clear. Options that may be included are Download history, Browsing history, Cookies, Saved passwords or autofill form data, etc. If you clear everything, this will likely log you out of all the websites where you are signed into something. It can also delete all your history, so your browser will no longer automatically fill pages you may have been to before when you start typing them into your URL bar.

While some experts may recommend the occasional full clearing for privacy reasons, be sure to clear only your cache when you are troubleshooting, if you don't want any of those other things to happen when you are not ready for it.

Check your third-party extensions

Another potential issue is any third-party extensions you may have recently installed or updated. Some customers have found in the past that certain ad-blocker extensions (like ublock) cause their software to start glitching. If you have any ad-blocking extensions, please try turning them off and reloading to check if this might be causing issues.

If you still need help

If neither of these solutions help, you may have found a bug! Please report it by sending in a support ticket, and we will investigate it.