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Using Conserv for the First Time

We've designed a solution that doesn't require much IT help to install and maintain. You should always consult with IT when deploying a new technical solution. This article will educate your IT team on the technical aspects of the Conserv solution.

General Notes

The best way to prevent damage to your collection is to create stable environments that minimize 1) variations in temperature and relative humidity, 2) unsafe cumulative light levels, and 3) excessive vibration.

Your team is using (or considering using) the Conserv Cloud Platform, an end-to-end environmental monitoring solution that combines sensor hardware and web and mobile analytics.

The solution is designed with a very small technical footprint. You will need to plug in and connect a LoRaWAN gateway to your local network (more on this later). There is no on-premises software or server to install, and the sensors don't need to be plugged in or wired.

If at any point you run into a question that can't be handled through our Knowledge Base, then please reach out with a Support Ticket. We have a goal of providing outstanding customer service.

Data Collection, LoRaWAN

The solution uses the LoRaWAN (Tech Specs) radio technology to wirelessly collect data.

LoRaWAN has a number of advantages over other radio technologies common in this space - namely it's long-range, can penetrate difficult structures, and requires very little power - a perfect for combination for environmental monitoring in art and cultural collections.Radio Comparison

The Gateway

We're using the Tektelic Micro IoT Gateway (Spec Sheet) to collect sensor data.

The gateway is connected to internet locally over LAN or WiFi, and it comes with cellular backup and a backup power supply in case of emergency. Typically one gateway can cover a very large and/or difficult space - and this is one of its primary advantages over WiFi.

Tektelic IoT Gateway

The Sensors

The Conserv Sensor measures temperature, RH, light, and event-based movement.

Because the sensor transmits over LoRaWAN, we expect the batteries to last at least 36 months. With long battery life and a long-range radio it's easy to just stick the sensors up on the wall and move them around as needed.


Sensor Re-Calibration

Sensors have a lifecycle meaning over time they become less accurate and need to be re-calibrated or replaced. As part of your subscription we will replace sensors that need to be re-calibrated and we will refurbish the old devices so that they don't end up in a landfill. Too many solutions in this space are simply thrown away at the end of their life.

Data Storage, AWS

Our data is stored and encrypted in AWS. Our entire solution is born in the cloud, and we take privacy very seriously -  Terms of Service, Privacy Policy.

Web & Mobile Application

Our software is delivered as a service with a web application (app.conserv.io) and a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Our application provides unlimited data storage and unlimited users.

We are on a continuous release cycle, where we continuously listen to our customers and release features to improve the product. Check out our product release notes here: What's New?