Will Conserv monitoring work outside of the United States?

Interested in Conserv products but live outside of the US? No Problem!

Conserv is committed to providing world class collection care products no matter where you live!  For software products like Conserv Integrated Pest Management and Conserv Cloud BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) that is fairly straightforward, and we operate like most other Software as a Service companies.  

Hardware, however, is a different story.  Sensors, gateways and other electronic products require certifications or declarations for different countries and regions of the world, and for LoRaWAN (the type of network we use) even different frequencies.  Conserv's hardware products were designed from the ground up to serve the globe, but we have not gone through the required regulatory approvals everywhere yet.

So far, Conserv hardware carries CE (Europe), FCC (United States) and IC (Canada) certifications and can be sold in those regions.  As we get more interest from other places, we'll carefully consider adding to that list! 

If you would like to see Conserv sensors where you are, please reach out to team@conserv.io and we'll add you to the list.