How do I compare two (or more) reading types?

Comparing reading types helps you anticipate how one reading type (temperature, for example) will affect other reading types

As of June 2020 we've launched a new analytics experience based on hundreds of pieces of feedback from the collections community.

Getting started

The "Compare Readings" experience empowers you to compare multiple reading types (temp RH, light, etc) across a single sensor in your collection. To get started navigate to the new analytics experience ( and select "Compare Readings" from the Graph Type dropdown at the top of the left panel.

How to use this experience

RH, Temp, Dew Point

These three are the holy trinity of environmental levels. Placing them all on a single graph tells a rich (and often complex) story about your collection environment. If you're not sure how to get started with a graph like this, reach out and let's have a talk (


You might notice that the lights are on at night or that the lights never come on in a storage (when you know someone is supposed to be checking the spaces regularly). Take these insights and make some simple behavior changes to improve your collection outcomes.

Ideally you've already set some environmental levels for your collection so you know what a good and bad reading look like. If you haven't done that yet, check out our "Setting temperature levels" article.

How we designed the experience

Many Reading Types. This experience allows multiple reading types (temp RH, light, etc) at a time. However, we've constrained you to only two axes - more than two axes get really confusing! This means you can add, for example, illuminance and temperature. You can't add illuminance, RH, and temperature. You can add dew point, temperature, and RH because temperature and dew point both use the same type of axis.

Color Scheme. We use a color palette based on the reading types selected.


One Sensor. In the left navigation menu you can choose only one sensor. Trying to compare multiple readings AND multiple sensors on a single graph can get pretty confusing! To put multiple sensors on a graph, check out the "Compare Sensors" tab at the top of the screen. You can read more about that experience here - "How do I compare two (or more) sensors?".


You can provide product feedback directly to the Conserv team. Whether it's an improvement on an existing feature or a suggestion for a totally new feature, we want to hear from you. Add it to our Ideas Portal!