Report Metrics Under Construction - Updates

You may have noticed that some metrics have been removed from the reports. This article explains our rationale and our progress on this matter.

At Conserv, we're dedicated to providing you with valuable insights to support your preservation efforts. In doing an audit of our reports feature, we have made a decision to temporarily remove some of the metrics.

When we initially designed the aggregated metrics in our reports in 2018, our focus was on providing valuable insights to our customers, many of whom were small institutions. However, as more institutions use Conserv, we are seeing new uses of the reports feature, some of which it was not originally designed for. As such, some of these metrics may not fully capture the depth of your data or may be interpreted incorrectly.

As a result, we are temporarily removing certain metrics:

  • From the Space Performance Report: Total Lx.h, Light hours % in range, Mold risk, TWPI, Conserv Score
  • From the Weekly Email Report: Mold risk index
  • From the Analytics tab and Associated Reports: Light hours % in range

Most of these metrics will still be available on the analytics page for individual sensor reporting. We are in the process of a broader redesign of Reports and Analytics, and this will include improved metrics at different levels of granularity as well as updated documentation on each calculation in our Help Center.

Your trust is paramount, and we're committed to enhancing our service. For any questions, reach out to our support team—we're here to help. For updated information, please refer back to this page, which we will update periodically as we progress.

Research for Updated Reports

We are actively seeking volunteers to provide feedback in our report and analytics design process. If you are interested in being invited to partake in such activities, please fill out this survey