Release Notes: November 29, 2019

Here at Conserv, we are always continuously pushing out updates to our software product. Here is the latest:

Mobile App Improvements

Let there be light! We added Lux measurements into the apps! In addition to that feature, we fixed a persistent login issue on android and added pull to refresh functionality. What do you want to see added to the app? Submit your idea in our ideas portal!

Simple Onboarding Flow

We've simplified the onboarding flow into the application and to make things even easier, we are providing sample data to import. Start a free account.

Spaces: Scoring & Standards 

We've added a knowledge base article about scoring and standards. One of the most basic environmental monitoring questions we can ask is "How well is a space performing?" 

Now Shipping Starter Kits

We are shipping starter kits that contain a gateway and two sensors. Priced at $499, we are shipping these at $399 - giving you a sensor for free!

No complicated setup necessary, just pull the battery tab and see your data!

List of Updates and Bug fixes


  • Increase token expiration time for invitations to 1 week

Android and iOS

  • Pull to refresh content
  • Lux Analysis
  • Move last updated date to new line on sensor row in mobile app to accommodate larger text


  • Bug fix of Annotation window disappearing when typing
  • Bug fix of Annotation window sometimes appearing in upper left hand corner

Sensor Page

  • Added the ability to easily export as PDF
  • Remove last reading cards (meaningless if date range has been changed)Each reading or derived reading should get its own graph card
  • List all sensors in a drop down at the top of the page
  • Allow for a single date range selection that affects all graphs


  • Simplified onboarding process and screens
  • Added in the ability to import sample data and get a score